Managing other assets

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Images and Documents

VLW keeps a directory of images and of documents that you can manage. Images are available for use in VLW pages, and as your logo. You can upload, copy, resize, and delete images from the "Manage Images" tools. As you move over a file name the image will be displayed.


Mange images.png

To upload, copy, resize, or delete an image, select its link.

Edit image.png

Note: It's a good idea to make a copy of the file you're working on, as it will be overwritten when you resize it.


Documents can be managed from the Manage PDFs tool. There is no preview for your documents, but when you click on one it will be downloaded to your local machine. Documents supported by VLW are PDF, ODT (Open Office), DOC (Word), XLS (Excel), and TXT (plain ASCII). You can upload and delete documents.